The mission of the Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists is to promote the highest level of safety and value for our patients and the highest quality of anesthesia care in Oregon through access to physicians in the medical specialty of anesthesiology.

Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists Commitment to Members and Patients: ( Our VISION is to:)


  1. Promote the highest standards of the medical profession through advocacy and evidence based care for our patients, and provide relevant and excellent Continuing Medical Education for our members.
  2. Provide education on the medical specialty of anesthesiology to the people of Oregon and their elected leaders.
  3. Advocate on issues essential to ensuring that our members can provide their patients with the highest quality of care.
  4. To provide the necessary physician leadership to all anesthesia providers to promote and ensure sustainable organizations through excellent quality of care, at the best value with the highest patient satisfaction.

Our Values:


  1. Integrity
  2. Compassion
  3. Leadership
  4. Scholarly activity
  5. Cooperative and collegial professionalism
  6. Altruism
  7. Fiscal responsibility