OSA Members,

I am so excited to report on a resoundingly successful inaugural OSA Day at the Capitol on Thursday, May 2.  Our attendance was robust: retirees and trainees, Portlanders and Bend-dwellers, academic and private practice physicians.  We had a day full of meetings with legislators in which we advocated for:

  1.  enabling us to test unconscious patients for HIV in the event of a needle stick without a court order
  2.  removal of non-medical vaccine exemptions
  3.  maintaining caps on non-economic damages
  4.  not expanding the number of opioid prescribers in Oregon

We were welcomed to the Capitol by Representative Noble on the House Floor.  You can see a short video (along with funny anesthesia quips from other legislators) here.

I've attached a few photos of the day, and you can see more on our social media sites: