The Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists is comprised of physicians who are working to uphold the highest standards of anesthesia care and patient advocacy by promoting research, education, and innovation in anesthesia care.  We have an obligation to our members and, more importantly, our patients to play an active role in achieving these goals. Patient safety is our primary concern.

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Keep physician anesthesiologists in Veterans' operating rooms

Please help an Anesthesiologist colleague complete an OB Anesthesiology survey:
Participation in this survey is voluntary and responses anonymous. Statistical analysis of the responses obtained will help us to achieve our goal of better understanding obstetric anesthesia practice as it relates to visitor presence and performance of neuraxial techniques for labor analgesia. We hope that the information gained from this survey will benefit both patients and physicians in the future.

Please click on the link below to proceed. The survey should take about 2-3 minutes to complete. We thank you for your precious time spent. Should you have any questions, please email
This survey is only for anesthesiology attendings or fellows who have completed residency.

Sangeeta Kumaraswami, MD
Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology
New York Medical College