The Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists is comprised of physicians who are working to uphold the highest standards of anesthesia care and patient advocacy by promoting research, education, and innovation in anesthesia care.  We have an obligation to our members and, more importantly, our patients to play an active role in achieving these goals. Patient safety is our primary concern.

Advocacy Alert:

Advocacy Alert
Oregon Health Authority eliminated coverage for epidural steroid injections

On July 1, 2016, without awaiting release of the coverage guidance under development by the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), OHA eliminated coverage for epidural steroid injections, leaving thousands of patients without access to any interventional spine procedures. On November 8, 2016, the HERC issued draft coverage guidance strongly recommending against coverage for epidural, facet joint, medial branch, and sacroiliac joint corticosteroid injections for low back pain regardless of etiology. OHA will consider public comments received through 8am (PST) on December 9, 2016, and SIS encourages all interested parties to make their voices heard.

What You Can Do

Let OHA know what you think. On social media mention OHA and use the hashtag #saveinjections. Encourage your patients who have benefited from these invaluable procedures to make their voices heard as well. Comments may also be submitted to the OHA HERC by emailing Be sure to visit the OHA HERC Coverage Guidance page for specific comment instructions.

Call to Action
Keep physician anesthesiologists in Veterans' operating rooms

The VA has released its new Advanced Practice Registered Nurse handbook that would mandate the elimination of Physician Anesthesiologist supervision of Nurse Anesthetists in the operating room.  The 60 day comment period has ended, and we are awaiting further word from the VA as to how they will proceed.  The majority of comments received were in favor of maintaining physician involvement in the delivery of anestheisa.

Thank you ALL for your comments!